Boom Boom Shake Shake [by unknown]
Boom Boom Shake Shake,
We rock so hard, you’re gonna ache!
Boom Boom Shake Shake, here’s the beat that SD makes! 
(Stomp, stomp, clap 
pat (your lap), pat, pat, clap-clap 
shoulder, shoulder, clap 
pat, pat, pat, clap) [repeat one more time, immediately] 
stomp, clap, stomp, stomp, clap 
stomp, clap, stomp, stomp, clap 
SD!!! *Swing arms and pelvis around*
Please refer to video for stepping tutorial:

On Fuego [by unknown] (Changed from "En Fuego" to "On Fuego" to make it grammatically 
Paradise so hot right now 
hot, hot, hothothot! 
On Fuego. On fire. 
Can't hear us we'll scream higher! 
[repeat 3 times, getting louder with each repeat] 

Best D [by Josh Villaflor]
Hey Paradise, how good are we?
We're the best! 
How good are we?
We're the best! 
How good are we?!
We're the B-E-S-T 
SSSSSSSDDDDDD *pelvic thrust to the left*
BEEEEESSSSSTTT DDDDDDDDDDD *pelvic thrust to the right*

Pound It [SDSU by Gerald Biando and Lisa Kanemori]
*Everytime you say "Hashtag" criss cross your arms with a partner, or criss-cross your fingers if 
you have no partner*
Hey SDSU, pound it!
Hashtag SD, 
Hashtag State. 
Hashtag Go home if you gon' hate. 
Hashtag S, Hashtag D 
Hashtag pound it when we say three! 
1, 2, 3
*pound it loud*

Need a Pal? [Palomar]
Need a pal? Don't look far... 
You'll find a pal at Palomar! 
P-A-L P-A-L P-A-L-O-M-A-R 
Palomar, Palomar 
Gooooooooo *wind up your right arm* 
Comets! *pump your right fist in an arc shape* 

Waffle Time (Serve them some waffles) [UCSD by Josh Villaflor] 
[Leader] We want 
[Leader] Extra 
[Leader] We want 
[Leader] Extra 
[Leader] We love our… 
Sandy Eggos 
Sandy Eggos (Sounds like San Diego in case you didn’t understand…) 

All Hail [UCSD by Josh Villaflor (technically Spongebob and Patrick did it first)] 
(Paradise schools blow their conch shells) 
[Leader/LTG] The Conch has spoken! All hail the Magic Conch! 
(Make a whooping noise with your mouth while moving your tongue) 

Refer to this video if you are confused or have never seen this before:

The Haka (Ka mate) [SDSU by David Rozul (technically the Maori people did it first)] 
[revisions by Josh Villaflor] 
Kai rite! Kai rite! Kia mau

hi! (sounds like "he)
Ringa ringa pakia! Wae wae takahia, kia kino nei hoki! 

Kia kino nei hoki! 
Ka mate, ka mate! ka ora! ka ora! 
Ka mate! ka mate! ka ora! ka ora! 
Tēnei te tangata pūhuruhuru 
Nāna nei i tiki mai whakawhiti te rā 
Ā, upane! ka upane! 
Ā, upane, ka upane, whiti te ra! Hi! 

Video coming soon! 

Piece of Paradise [SDSU by Amanda Spendlove] 
You want a piece of Paradise? (point towards audience) 
We’ll splash it in your face! (splash imaginary water towards audience like you just peed and 
*~hopefully~* washed your hands) 
Is it sand? (raise right hand) Or is it sea, man? (raise left hand and splash towards audience) 
You know you want a taste! 
We’ll sit and eat our pineapples, 
And crack some cocoNUTS! 
You want a piece of Paradise? 
Then come and play with us. (Turn body to the side, extend both arms towards audience, and 
wiggle your fingers.) 

Paradise Oasis [Do this cheer with Desert Oasis Division] 
Paradise. Oasis. Awesomeness. (slap your thighs to the rhythm of the words) 
In your faces! (splash “water” at their faces) 

Get Sick [UCSD by unknown] 
Cough cough cough! 
Sneeze sneeze sneeze! 
We’ve got Circle K disease, 
So come and touch us, 
‘Cause service is contagious. 
Get Sick! Get Sick! 
Catch it, catch it, quick quick! 
You know you think our mascot’s clever, 
‘cause UCSD is the best club ever! 

Good for you [SDSU] 
Good for you 
From SDSU! 
*Clap SEVEN times* 

Hold my weave [UCSD by Mike Mullen] 
[Leader] Paradise they called us ratchet! 
Oh no they didn’t! 
Hold up, hold my weave. 
You gotta get up and leave. 
Shh Shh Shh Shh Shh Shh Shh. 

You see our what? [UCSD by Jaime Estepa] 
You see our what, what, what? 
*repeat three times* 

Paradise on point [UCSD by Jaime Estepa, Mike Mullen, and Josh Villaflor] 
[Leader] Eyy Paradise! Real talk, real talk, real talk. 
On point! 
EEEEYYYYYYYY *wave arm to the right* 
EEEEYYYYYYYY *wave arm to the left* 
EEEEeeeeeeEEEEEYYYYYY *wave arm starting from the top and go downwards*